The total proceeds of “Gars Telecom” in 2005 have made 184 631 thousand roubles ($6 398 023) against 148 894 thousand roubles ($5 168 163) the last year. The general growth of turnover of the company in comparison with the similar parameters of 2004 has made 24 %, while this parameter did not exceed 21,2 % on results of the first half-year.

Among the new big clients of the company in 2005 are Stokmann, Schneider Electric, TeliaSonera, Kulon, Stimulus Group, Fiat, Central Partnership, UK Rosbank, Absolute Bank, IPG Eurasia, Sephora, L’Etoile and others. In the structure of incomes, access to services of communication (fixed and mobile telephony) traditionally makes the greatest share. In the last year this parameter has made 85 668 thousand roubles or 46,4 %.

At growth of proceeds from telephony by 7 073 thousand roubles in 2005, the share of these services in the total income continues decreasing: in 2004, share of services of telephony was 52,8 %, and in 2003 — 62,1 % of proceeds.