Gars Telecom Company is among the four companies that obtained the maximum estimation by the “Level of Confidence to the Company” criterion. Along with Gars Telecom maximum rates have such companies as IBS, ICL from Kazan and Bercut from Saint-Petersburg. “Business transparency as the ultimate index for the management quality has always been a cornerstone, — tells Pavel Gorenkov, Gars Telecom CEO. — And the results of the last Expert rating show that despite the active growth of the segment for the last several years, shareholders of many large companies still are not ready to work civilized and public”.

“Only two years ago when the first rating of IT companies was made market surprised us by the total information opacity, — wrote ‘Expert RA’ rating agency analysts by the 2004 year results. — An attempt to create the list of the companies that were ready to render financial reports was broken down: there were only two volunteers. On the next year there were five of them”. By Alexey Khodyrev, “nowdays [by the 2008 year results] there are only 10 companies that take part in rating who render the audition report and/or profit & loss report to increase the level of the confidence to the company. And some rating participants refused at all to render data for the 2008 year. Maybe the only explanation is the unwillingness to demonstrate not so successful financial indicators. — write “Expert RA” analysts.

“Gars Telecom is rather young company that will celebrate in 2009 year the tenth anniversary. However, the one out of our important principles has been always the open and clear relations with the all counteragents, — tells Pavel Gorenkov. — It is occurred that the bet on the clarity has not still the norm for the Russian info communication technologies sector. It means that within the nearest several years Gars Telecom will have continued ‘skims the cream off’ the projects with the customers out of the multinational corporations and local companies”.

The year earlier “Expert RA” put Gars Telecom into the TOP3 of the Russian IT companies that render telecommunication services of the rating of the “Largest Russian companies on the information and communication technologies market”, and earlier Gars Telecom had been placed among five companies that had been estimated upon the “Level of the confidence to the company”. The universal communication operator for the second year has announced as a leader in the sphere of outsourcing of the telecommunications upon the view of the expert council of the First national Awards in the outsourcing and business support sphere “Atlantes of the business”.