The “GARS” magazine is the only Russian edition that gained the gold in the category “Print: Magazine/Newsletter” of the authoritative international competition organized by the League of American Communications Professionals. The Spotlight Awards Global Communications Competition, which takes course from 2001, drew one of the largest number of submissions ever — more than 800 works from 5 countries. Among the competitors were such companies as Airbus, Allianz, Audi, Bentley, Ernst&Young, General Elecrtic, LG, OBI, Pirelli, Samsung, Vacheron Constantin, Volkswagen and others. From the Russian Federation participated only 5 companies: “Gazprom Neft”, JSC “Federal Grid Company”, GC “Business CAR”, “Modus” and “Gars Telecom”. The full list of winners and contestants is available on the website of The Spotlight Awards 2014.

Earning 98 points out of 100 the magazine “GARS” became the only Russian printed corporate editions of the categories submitted in the nomination that deserved gold. The highest scores were awarded for the creativity, overall narrative, overall visual design and message clarity.

The CEO of the company Gars Telecom Pavel Gorenkov says: “We raise the company in which it is interesting to work and which is more than comfortable for those who is able and eager to work with passion and all its heart. The business in which the key asset is its people. The work that allows to think outside the box and encourages to open new talents. Commemorating in 2014 the fifteen anniversary we thought that it is the right time for moving to the new level of relations with numerous clients, partners, contractors and, of course, competitors”.

“GARS” is a creatively different corporate magazine for the industry, since during its preparation we allowed ourselves to go beyond the standard boring and not interesting for the readers corporate media which compile the vast majority in the telecom industry, — says the Head of marketing of Gars Telecom Michael Sergeev. — The authors of the magazine are its readers, and the pages of the edition is the tool for the exchange of views, ideas and finding kindred spirits; the platform within which everyone can tell about what he breathes and lives with outside the work. We are pleased that we have managed to convey our idea and of course it wouldn’t be possible without the team of the publishing house NewMen, which edits our magazine. By the way, the silver and the bronze in the same category gained also the works of this publishing house".