Yesterday, Dmitry Aleksandrov, “RTC-Leasing” Strategic development and Planning Department Director, left his position with reference of switchover to another company.

We should remind that Mr. Aleksandrov as “Delta Telecom” top manager actively participated in “Skylink” project running in the North-West region. In 2002 he switched to “Delta Telecom” as a Commercial Director leaving “Web Plus”. In 2003 he was marketing deputy director of “Delta Telecom”, and from 2005 till the June 2006 he had been working as the commercial deputy director in the federal carrier “Skylink”. In 2006 top manager left company with a view to work in “RTC-Leasing” that was like “Skylink” partly owned by Danish lawyer Jeffrey Galmond structures.

In the “RTC-Leasing” Mr. Aleksandrov became the head of Strategic development and Planning Department but de facto he continued to work on “Skylink” project participating in strategy development for the carrier upon further years. Finally, Mr. Aleksandrov decided to leave mobile project. His new position of Commercial Director will be “Gars Telecom” company that is Moscow fixed communication carrier.