Mutual investment funds appeared in Russia in 1996. The one out of the first companies who registered its MIFs was UFG Asset Management companies group. In 2007 UFG has become the one out of the first clients of the Gars Telecom North-West branch.

UFG companies group is specialized on the trust funds management markets and trust funds portfolio management on the financial market. Investment process high quality commitment distinguishes UFG on the market that is proved by individual “AAA” level rate assigned by the National Rating Agency in 2006.

In the April of the current year UFG Asset Management proved its status again when became a prize-winner in the 5 nominees (“VIP-investor Company”, “For the Personal Contribution into the Mutual Investment Market”, “Breakthrough of the Year”, “Russian Management Company” and “Non-state Pension Fund Management Company”) in the yearly “Russian Mutual Investments Market” Awards that has been organized by the “National League of Managers” and educational, consulting and personnel MFC center, the company said.

The all factors that help to save leader status on the asset management market are in the company attention. Telecommunications are among such factors. Choosing Gars Telecom solutions, UFG Asset Management reckons on premium service.