Boris Mazo came to Gars Telecom from the telecommunications holding «Norilsk-Telecom», where he worked for over 10 years and headed the Moscow branch. Among the projects implemented by him in the company there is creation and development of a satellite network of the operator, organization of intra-zone telephone communication network in the Krasnoyarsk Krai, edge-scale VSAT satellite network, as well as the Moscow network node communication «Norilsk-Telecom» and the implementation of a number of other projects.

In Gars Telecom he faces the task of developing engineering solutions for implementation of non-standard projects by attracting new partners and of strengthening cooperation with the existing ones. Together with the Department of Marketing and the Operation Direction he will conduct a study of clients’ requests to identify the need for new services and solutions, and prepare technical basis for their implementation. He will also participate in the creation of the company’s development strategy in the medium term.

«Enlisting the technological base of „MegaFon“, which will complement the strong positions of Gars Telecom in the capital market of B2B telecom and will help to bring them to the federal level, we have decided to strengthen the cadre that will help us make the most of the synergy between the two companies», — says the CEO of Gars Telecom Pavel Gorenkov.

«Boris Mazo stood at the origins of telecommunications in Russia. His experience of interaction with partners and federal regulatory bodies of the communications industry, as well as the experience of creation and optimization of construction of carrier and enterprise networks will help us to reach a new level of implementation of non-standard solutions, what Gars Telecom has always been longing for», — layed emphasis the Director of Project Management Department Irina Feklisova.

Boris Mazo graduated from the Moscow Electrotechnical Institute of Communications, researched degree of CSRIC and received additional education in MIREA and MPEI. In addition, on account of Boris there’s a number of patents for inventions in the field of electric communication, and several scientific publications. For over 39 years of service, he has held senior positions in the largest companies of the IT sector: group of companies LANIT, CJSC «Kosmokom», was in charge of telecommunications and communications in OJSC «MMC», «Norilsk Nickel» and was a leading specialist in the CSRIC of the Ministry of Communications of the USSR.

    Group of companies Gars Telecom (founded in 1999; — federal operator of fixed-line services with a complete set of licenses and its own resources. The company is focused on working with large corporate clients, providing them in addition to traditional services with the services in the field of telecom consulting, outsourcing of communication services and telecom infrastructure, and also managing its telecom budget.
    Since 2003 Gars Telecom has worked on the model of the virtual mobile operator for the corporate sector (MVNO, Mobile Virtual Network Operator). Host operators — Beeline Business, MegaFon.
    The company exclusively sells in Russia specialized telecom solutions for the commercial real estate market and is the author of a unique business model of international form BLEC (Building Local Exchange Carrier), and also develops telecom-consulting practice in Russian development market.
    The bank of Gars Telecom projects in commercial real estate exceeds 8.6 million square meters.