Together with partner company Connectum, specialized provider of commercial Wi-Fi-service, the telecom operator Gars Telecom has implemented a system project to upgrade the telecom systems of historic hotels “Budapest” and “Peter I”, managed by Mos City Group.

The full-cycle telecom solution was carried out for two metropolitan hotels: pre-project audit, market analysis and the formation of the service delivery models corresponding to the class of hotels, infrastructure and equipment upgrade.

“The large-scale project has become possible only thanks to the progressive views of the hotels' management,” - said Mikhail Sergeev, Head of marketing department of Gars Telecom. – “The managing company of the hotels made a sober estimate of the need for modernization of telecommunications and gave us carte blanche to make all the required changes. We have completely updated telecommunications, which includes the increase of internet speed up to 300 Mbit/sec, as well as the implement of unique and game-changing Wi-Fi service”.

"The task of creating a new wireless network in “Budapest” and “Peter I” was not quite as trivial because of the architectural particularities of historic buildings, as well as the additional restrictions associated with the previously used infrastructure,” - says Stanislav Itkind, Development director of Connectum.

One of the Wi-Fi-solution’s elements is the service platform of Connectum. The integration of platform with Property Management System (PMS) allows for the possibility of monetization of the Wi-Fi service with charging directly to the room number and paying the bill on departure.

"New facilities of telecommunications are acting as a notable competitive advantage of business hotels, says CIO of Mos City Group Sergey Podkladkin. - And, of course, confirming the traditional high level of service quality of the accommodation facilities of Mos City Group».


Group of companies Gars Telecom (founded in 1999; – federal operator of fixed-line services with a complete set of licenses and its own resources. The portfolio of operator’s products provides a full range of traditional communications services, as well as a pool of additional services - FMC, cloud services, support for corporate networks, outsourcing. The numbering capacity exceeds 25,000 numbers.

Since 2003 Gars Telecom has worked on the model of the virtual mobile operator for the corporate sector (MVNO, Mobile Virtual Network Operator). Host operators – Beeline, MegaFon.

The bank of Gars Telecom projects in commercial real estate exceeds 8.5 million square meters and includes more than 600 objects.


MOS CITY GROUP is one of the largest and most dynamic real estate development company in Russia, the scope of which is aimed to comprehensive development of properties for various applications. Today the company's portfolio includes 15 major facilities in Moscow, Moscow region and Kiev, including the MIBC Moscow-City. The uniqueness of the projects of MOS CITY GROUP is not only in its absolute advantages, such as good location, excellent transport accessibility or integrated infrastructure, but above all – in detailed and balanced concept. It is in charge for all activities of consultants, designers and construction companies, choice of a particular architectural style is coordinated with it, it determines the general character of the development.


Connectum is a specialized provider and operator of commercial Wi-Fi-service that performs scheduling of wireless networks, the supply of Wi-Fi equipment, its installation and operation, as well as the support of end customer.

More than 70% of the projects of Connectum is implemented in the hospitality industry. The Connectum service of Wi-Fi in a hotel version allows any hotel not only to get high-quality Wi-Fi-network with the guest service desk, but also if necessary to effectively monetize Wi-Fi-service by integrating the service platform of Connectum with the most popular brands of automation systems of hotels (PMS, Property Management System). More – on