Gars Telecom has launched the project about the talent and its power inside the Company. Portal is about the unique employees of the telecommunication provider and the business philosophy.

“Person spends more than a half of the life on the job. Agree that we would like to spend this time comfortably. And also we want not the stupid people around, — tells Pavel Gorenkov, Gars Telecom CEO. — The skeleton of our team — is the managers that had come to Gars Telecom from large companies, including multinational. Very often the big company means that you are a cog in the machine. And occasionally you are surrounded by the people of the different status including ethic. And fools are as well. Sometimes your supervisor is also fool”.

By the words of Michael Sergeev, Gars Telecom Corporate Communication Manager, “the special approach to the role of the each employee for the business success is ranted in the Company, which known as the “talentocracy”. This philosophy of the business organization assumes that the intelligent, talented and polite people are around you. Opportunity to work and communicate with interesting and creative and interesting community can be a motivation itself to come to the office every day with pleasure. It also educates and places the high standards.

Philosophy of the team selecting was determined by the Gars Telecom business specification — telecommunications for the large corporate clients. “This is one out of the spheres where the tens of the companies sale the products using the law language ‘similar up to the confounding’. The power of talent allows us being charismatic enough to sale the emotions. There are emotions from our services and communications with our team. — assures Pavel Gorenkov. — By this way our clients are so similar with us. They stepped forward to develop and they also desire to run efficiency and comfort business”.

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Gars Telecom profile: telecommunication management, integration projects realization and telecommunication services rendering. Company is oriented to cooperate with big-sized corporate clients and telecom-carriers. Along with tradition telecom-services company renders services in telecom-consulting, outsourcing of the communication services and telecom-infrastructure, and also telecom-budget management.

Since 2003 Gars Telecom has become the only Russian Virtual Mobile Network Operator for corporate sector. Host providers are Megafon and SkyLink.

Company exclusively realizes in Russia specialized telecom-solutions for commercial real estate market that fit international BLEC standard (Building Local Exchange Carrier), and develop telecom-consulting practice in Russian development market.

The bank of the projects with total amount of the serviced area overpassed 4’000’000 squire meters.