Spring 2016 fixed line operator Gars Telecom modernized the Fraud Management System (FMS). This update helped detect and block illegal traffic generation for five clients only in the next few days.

"The insecure CPA is getting more and more vulnerable to fraud that causes companies of all scales and business fields to suffer thousands or even billions in lost,” Anna Pimenova, Head of Service Department Gars Telecom. “On the one hand, the carrier does not responsible for the equipment operation according to the law; at the same time the final cost for communication services is calculated based on the readings taken from such equipment. On the other hand, clients of Gars Telecom must feel protected from hacking and illegal traffic generation, so we decided to implement the real-time solution that enables fraud detection within our network.”

The FMS by Gars Telecom conducts a thorough analysis of possible vulnerabilities, including traffic dynamics and intensity. When there’s a suspicious traffic that does not correspond to the company’s profile, or other alarming activity is detected, the system notifies the client and blocks the account.

"Over the last five years we have been witnessing a remarkable increase in unauthorized attempts to break into clients’ stations – from several occasions in 2010 to a few of tens following the results of 2015,” continues Anna Pimenova. “It took just several days after the update had been released to prevent five voice equipment exploits.”

As Andrey Zhuchkov, CEO Line LLC states, the company’s telephone system was under threat of being hacked: “The incident occurred outside office hours, and we learned it from our carrier Gars Telecom. The operator’s team managed to prevent the criminal activity, and from that day on we know that the clients of Gars Telecom are immune to such financial exploits.”

"Client equipment break-ins and expensive international revenue share fraud are the most damaging and prevalent issues. Using the specialized antifraud systems, MegaFon detected 84 of such breakings in 2015, and 23 for the first quarter of 2016. This work resulted in tens oа millions roubles saved for our clients,” says Sergey Khrenov, Director for Fraud and Losses Prevention PJSC Megafon.