The fixed-line operator Gars Telecom announces changes in the management team. Lubov Popovkina was appointed Head of the tender Department.

For almost 5 years in the previous place Lubov has gone from being a specialist in tenders to the deputy head of the tender-contractual department of Insoft. In Gars Telecom she will strengthen the tendering department, in which she will assess the feasibility of bidding, preparation of tender documentation, as well as tracking of all stages of tendering.

«Experience has shown that in recent years, not only government agencies, but also the large private business has almost completely switched to the tender as a tool for the selection of contractors. For our part, we have decided to strengthen the direction of tenders in Gars Telecom with a good specialist, who knows all the details of the bidding process and how to build strategy for participation in tenders as a whole, — says the commercial director of Gars Telecom Irina Prokopova. — We hope that the experience of Lubov Popovkina in the sphere of government contracts will help us to reach new level of competitive events, and look forward to the growth of successful transactions through this channel».

Lubov Popovkina graduated in 2007 from the Moscow Humanitarian-Economic Institute in the specialty «Management of organization»; attended courses in non-state educational institute Classic Academy of Business on the topic: Purchases for state and municipal needs, 2013–2014: the transition from 94-FL to the (federal) Contract system (Federal Law from 05.04.2013 № 44-FL), as well as the purchase of certain types of legal entities (223-FL): legislation reform-2013–2014.

    Group of companies Gars Telecom (founded in 1999; — federal operator of fixed-line services with a complete set of licenses and its own resources. The company is focused on working with large corporate clients, providing them in addition to traditional services with the services in the field of telecom consulting, outsourcing of communication services and telecom infrastructure, and also managing its telecom budget.
    Since 2003 Gars Telecom has worked on the model of the virtual mobile operator for the corporate sector (MVNO, Mobile Virtual Network Operator). Host operators — Beeline Business, MegaFon.
    The company exclusively sells in Russia specialized telecom solutions for the commercial real estate market and is the author of a unique business model of international form BLEC (Building Local Exchange Carrier), and also develops telecom-consulting practice in Russian development market.
    The bank of Gars Telecom projects in commercial real estate exceeds 8.6 million square meters.