June 5, on the International Day of the ecologist, under the auspices of the project «Grant a tree» and the data center SDN was held a non-standard meeting of the leaders of the IT and telecommunication services market of St. Petersburg – a PR-event in eсo-formate «IT-community of St. Petersburg – for the green city».

The representatives of eleven companies – BCC, IT-GRAD, ITO-center, PeterHost, Prometey, SpaceWeb, WestCall, «Gars Telecom», data center SDN, «Сomfortel», «Technoserv» - gathered on the shore of the Gulf of Finland to plant the first IT-alley in the city and prove that they do care about the environment. Each of oak seedlings is nominal, which is marked on the wooden plaques indicating the organizations whose employees have given lives to the trees.

From the St. Petersburg office of Gars Telecom there were sent two experts from the Commercial Department at once. Under the leadership of an experienced forester with the other specialists from the IT-community they laid the foundation for the future oak grove and received special certificates, reminding of a small but valuable contribution to the natural environment.

According to the organizers, there are plans to make this campaign regular and larger, during which the IT-specialists will green up the city every six months. «People who manage complex engineering infrastructure came together and just did a good deed, - said the director of data center SDN Andrey Eliseev. - We are not only working in St. Petersburg, but also live here. We hope that today's action is just the beginning, and next time our other customers and partners will join us, and we will make an entire grove from this alley!»


Group of companies Gars Telecom (founded in 1999; http://www.garstelecom.ru/) – federal operator of fixed-line services with a complete set of licenses and its own resources. The company is focused on working with large corporate clients, providing them in addition to traditional services with the services in the field of telecom consulting, outsourcing of communication services and telecom infrastructure, and also managing its telecom budget.

Since 2003 Gars Telecom has worked on the model of the virtual mobile operator for the corporate sector (MVNO, Mobile Virtual Network Operator). Host operators – Beeline Business, MegaFon.

The company exclusively sells in Russia specialized telecom solutions for the commercial real estate market and is the author of a unique business model of international form BLEC (Building Local Exchange Carrier), and also develops telecom-consulting practice in Russian development market.

The bank of Gars Telecom projects in commercial real estate exceeds 8.6 million square meters.


The mission of project «Grant a tree» is to restore forests damaged by fires and increase the amount of green plantation of Russia. An ambitious goal is to plant a billion of trees, as these trees are necessary to mankind in the future.



LLC «SDN» is a professional team that provides a full range of DC outsourcing services – from the leasing ready-to-connect locations in telecommunication cabinets and server modules to the development of a set of measures to protect business customers against the risks of ICT (DRP-consulting). The partnerships with leading cloud service providers allow to provide customers a rent of virtual infrastructure.

SDN owns the patent for one of the most advanced solutions in the creation, operation and development of energy-efficient modular data centers.