Russian B2B operator Gars Telecom has re-launched its IaaS service. The private cloud service was implemented on Huawei hardware based on data centres in Moscow, the Moscow region and abroad. The service allows clients to set software, establish websites, domains, FTP and network drive on a remote virtual server with their own IP address.

Virtual Server works with Windows and Linux OS based on enterprise level equipment. Data reliability is provided by the reserve copying within virtual machines and software. Standard capacity of canal access to virtual server totals 100 Mbps, and more is available on request. Besides that, SSD drives united in a RAID system can reach transmission rate of 100,000 IOPS, and OS Windows Server starts within 7 seconds.

At the customer’s choice a virtual server can be organized based on their own hardware, installed in the data centres in Moscow, the Moscow region or abroad. One of the data centres is located in Switzerland.