The Center of rankings and certifications of IES RAS (Institute of Economic Strategies, Russian Academy of Sciences) has published an annual rating of the most strategic telecommunication companies in Russia, highlighted industry trends and defined new growth drivers of telecommunications market in 2013.

For the third year in a row five of the most successful strategies on the Russian telecommunication market belong to “MTS” (71,5; AAA), “MegaFon” (71,2; AAA), “Vimpelcom” (71,0; AAA), “Rostelecom” (69,8; AAA) and “Gars Telecom” (69,7; AAA).

“Akado” (#12 in 2012 and #6 the year before) and “MTT” (#13 and #10 agreeably) have left TOP10 in favor of “TTK” (#8; #12), “Scartel” (#9; #21) and “Caravan” (#10; #13) which have joined the top decile for the first time. “Russian Satellite Communications Company” (#6; #7) and “Tele2” (#7; #8 the year before) managed to keep and improve their positions.

“The merger and acquisition processes have notably corrected the structure and geography of the telecom-market thus figuring out its obvious disproportions, — the authors of the research conclude, — that is why this year the Center of rankings and certifications has decided to include only 35 telecommunication companies providing services in Russia, instead of 50 as it used to be”.

Gars Telecom assumes that 2013 won’t bring any fundamentally new drivers for the evolution of national telecommunications. The consolidation of some minor regional assets will continue, the status of “cloud” and VoIP services will be firmed.


Institute of economic strategies of the social studies under Russian Academy of Sciences (IES) was founded on the 26th of September, 1990.
The information base of “the most strategic Russian telecommunication companies” rating is formed by research and information material of the leading market and business titles and agencies (CNews, Cominfo Consulting, RBC, TASS-Telecom, Expert, Finance and others), statistic data issued by Russian Federal State Statistics Service and companies’ profiles provided by the rating participants.