Fixed telecommunications carrier Gars Telecom has launched new edition of Smart Mobile – service based on FMC (Fixed-Mobile Convergence) technology, that consolidates fixed and mobile GSM networks.

The carrier together with MegaFon first introduced the previous version of the product in 2003. According to those involved into Moscow B2B telecommunications market, it was the optimum variant of convergence implementation at the time. It made mobile network a logical continuation of office telecommunications. However, according to Evgeniya German, Product manager Gars Telecom, the version fell far away from an ideal and needed either technical, juridical, and tariff amendments. There was a series of attempts to modify the FMC service package, but it became possible only in the partnership with VympelCom Ltd.

The new edition will expand opportunities for the clients of Gars Telecom. First, this version supports short dial-ups in other regions besides Moscow. The staff members can call each other using short dial-ups throughout the territory of Russian Federation covered by Beeline network. A stand-alone solution has been developed for Saint Petersburg.

“The new partnership will consequently entail changes in rates for the service, tells Michael Sergeev, Marketing and Communications director for Gars Telecom. From now on, more favourable price options are available for the users. Different modifications of internet and long-distance calls packages together with redirection system will allow to save up to 19% on telecommunications within a company”.


Group of companies Gars Telecom (founded in 1999; – federal operator of fixed-line services with a complete set of licenses and its own resources. The company is focused on working with large corporate clients, providing them in addition to traditional services with the services in the field of telecom consulting, outsourcing of communication services and telecom infrastructure, and also managing its telecom budget.

Since 2003 Gars Telecom has worked on the model of the virtual mobile operator for the corporate sector (MVNO, Mobile Virtual Network Operator). Host operators – Beeline Business, MegaFon.

The company exclusively sells in Russia specialized telecom solutions for the commercial real estate market and is the author of a unique business model of international form BLEC (Building Local Exchange Carrier), and also develops telecom-consulting practice in Russian development market.

The bank of Gars Telecom projects in commercial real estate exceeds 8.6 million square meters.