According to the Institute for Economic Strategies, Gars Telecom once again is in TOP10 of the leaders of “50 the most strategy telecommunications companies” rating, and in “Fixed communications” category it proves its place in “the first fifth”.

By the Institute for Economic Strategies of Russian Academy of Sciences (INES RAS) Gars Telecom is steadily on the 8th position in the “Rating of strategic telecommunications companies”. Therefore, in the TOP10 in 2007 are the following companies: “Vympelcom” (85,1, ААА), “Comstar” (82,7, ААА), “MTS” (80,0 AAB), “Megafon” (79,2 ABА), “Golden Telecom” (77,2 BAB), “Rostelecom” (77, AAB), “Interregional TransitTelecom” (75,8 АBB), “Gars Telecom” (75,2 ABB), “Corbina Telecom” (74, ВВВ) и “The Russian Satellite Communications Company” (73,9 АBА).

“New rules on the telecommunications market that concern long distance services have changed Russian telecommunications market landscape, — tells Gars Telecom CEO Pavel Gorenkov. — trying to save company level which creates premium telecom-market, we have developed new strategy. Within the bounds of it we have parlayed on the high technology services promotion and the aggressive development in our segment aiming to conquer up to 20 per cent on the telecommunications market for business-centers in the capital region. Company also has begun the regional expansion — North-West representative office opened and South Region is our second point”.

By the Gars Telecom Development Director Ruslan Aliev words, “Today two important things are obvious. Firstly, company structure allows carrying out deep system changes saving growth dynamics. Secondly, new strategy has become very effective that has allowed saving our position among the field leaders”. In accordance with the INES RAS rating, Gars Telecom with the strategic level of 75,2 (75,2 points — 2006, 72,5 points — 2005) and rating status ABB, for the third time saves the 4th position in the “50 the most strategy telecommunications companies” rating, and in “Fixed communications” category it follows “Comstar” (82,7, ААА), “Golden Telecom” (77,2, ВАВ) and “Rostelecom” (77, ААВ).

Stable positions in its field allowed company entering the “100 the most strategic Russian market companies”. Earlier in 2007, company proved status of the one out of the ternary professional telecom-companies for the commercial real estate market. Gars Telecom consultants are traditionally among Estimating Committees of the core Russian commercial estates awards (follows alphabetically) — Building Awards, Commercial Real Estate Awards, Professional Media Awards.


Gars Telecom profile: telecommunication management, integration projects realization and telecommunication services rendering. Company is oriented to cooperate with big-sized corporate clients and telecom-carriers. Along with tradition telecom-services company renders services in telecom-consulting, outsourcing of the communication services and telecom-infrastructure, and also telecom-budget management.

Company exclusively realizes in Russia specialized telecom-solutions for commercial real estate market that fit international BLEC standard (Building Local Exchange Carrier), and develop telecom-consulting practice in Russian development market. In February, 2007 the total amount of the serviced area overpassed 1 000 000 squire meters.

Since 2003 Gars Telecom has become the only Russian Virtual Mobile Network Operator for corporate sector. The host provider is Megafon.

Among key corporate customers are TNK-BP, RussNeft, Alliance Oil Company, Ehrmann, JVC, GoodYear, Ideal Standard, Kalinka-Stockmann, MosFilm, TeliaSonera, Interros, IG “Eurasia”, FIAT, Schneider Electric, Eksmo and over 70 business centers.