History company

History of breakthrough

The history of Gars Telecom is an example of that a business — stable, independent and able to serve customers a competitive advantage — can be «cultivated» without any administrative resource or belonging to the FIG. Focusing on people, putting emphasis on breeding the Team, the art of listening and hearing the heartbeat of client companies, as well as a cold business calculation and common sense. 



The history of Gars Telecom began in 1999, when the company launched its own data transmission network.

Not many people believed that the stake on the premium class client’s service and a dialogue with the client at the level of solving business problems, may be the powerhouse of a young telecom operator.

A handful of professionals with a unique for that time experience in major international telecommunication companies merged to implement projects for the benefit of business customers, hoping to break the widespread awkward practice and the spirit of «communicators» that the communications industry inherited from the Soviet past.


The stale on the «customers' telecommunications management», proved to be correct. Among the first customers — major international companies. By 2001 Gars Telecom has an enviable portfolio of projects and an impressive array of licenses.

The core of company

By 2002, formation of the core infrastructure had been completed and the network management center was set in the Space Research Institute of the Russian Academy of Science (IKI RAN). 


First Russian MVNO

Gars Telecom is the first Russian mobile virtual network operator focused on the corporate sector (B2B MVNO). A solution based on fixed-mobile convergence (FMC) developed шт cooperation with MegaFon maintains de-facto the status of industrie’s standard for the whole next decade.



The product-benchmark of the decade: FMC service Smart Mobile. 

30th place

Gars Telecom for the first time participates in the RBC rating «Major Russian telecommunications companies», where immediately gets the 30th position among the 1500+ Russian telecom operators.

Complete transport network

A complete transport network with the points of reference in Denmark, Romania, Turkey, the UK and Bangladesh is integrated with the partners' resources with their points of presence in Central and Eastern Europe, Asia and Africa. 

Gars Telecom successfully developes different practices of telecom consulting, client’s IT budget management and telecom outsourcing.

9th place

9th place in the «Ranking on the annual work output per employee» and 18th place among the «Largest Russian IT-consultants» (RBC, CnewsAnalytics). 

Product of the year

Product of the Year: «Building local operator». 
A versatile and efficient solution to provide telecommunications to the facilities of office, warehouse and retail real estate. 

Product of the Year

Product of the Year: already after the first projects the solutions «Telecom-outsourcing» and «Telecom-consulting» have brought Gars Telecom in the leaders of new segment.


Gars Telecom has become one of the five IT companies that recieved the highest assessment of the rating agency "Expert" in terms of "Level of confidence to the company". 


2nd place in the segment "Telecommunications/Telecommunication Equipment/Services" of "Rating of IT Companies in Russia in 2005" (@ASTERA) 

4th place on the "top 10 most important players in the market of IT consulting in Russia" for a fundamental approach to the development of the sector" according to estimates of "Nezavisimaya Gazeta". 


Best employer in Moscow — in the framework of the National Award «Captains of Russian business» («HR Management» magazine).
#6 in terms of the «work output per employee» and #10 in the «top 10 fastest growing IT consultants» of the rating «Largest IT Consultants in Russia» (RBC, CnewsAnalytics).

Project of the Year

Project of the Year: the allocation of telecom assets of the company "Norilsk Nickel". 

«3G office»

Product of the Year: «3G office» — a secure wireless access, a joint product with "Skylink". 

"Maximum acceleration strategy"

"The maximum acceleration strategy" adopted by the shareholders is aimed at a further increase of the company's share on the corporate market.

1 million square meters is the aggregate amount of the commercial real estate included in the Gars Telecom portfolio of projects in February. 

From now on and all the subsequent years - in the top 10, and then even in the top 5 rating of "The 50 most strategic telecommunication companies" (INES RAS).

Expansion of the company

Gars Telecom opens representative office in St. Petersburg and an office in Moscow City.


Within the project "ART-Salon" organized for customers and friends of Gars Telecom the Grammy nominees - Pentabrass Quintet gave a concert in Moscow. 

Second year in a row

 — #1 in the field of telecom outsourcing within the bounds of the First National awards in outsourcing and business support sphere "Atlantes of the business".

"Maximum level of confidence"

Since 2008 and to the present day Gars Telecom has obtained the maximum estimation by the “Level of Confidence to the Company” criterion within the bounds of the RAEX rating of the info communication technologies in Russia. 

#3 among the leading ICT-companies that render telecommunications services according to RAEX. 

3 500 000+ square meters

— in a bank of Gars Telecom projects on the market of commercial real estate.

The project of the year

The "Mobile Office" provides enterprises of small and medium business with a complete office telephony on the basis of mobile phones and eliminates the supplies of the wired telephony. 

500+ million rubles

— the company's revenue has expanded beyond the limit of half of billion.

79228162514264337593543950336 IP Addresses

The company Gars Telecom obtained 79228162514264337593543950336 IP Addresses.

"Talentocracy" or the power of talent

For the first time Gars Telecom shares its know-how and special aspects of the philosophy on talentocracy.ru.

6-th place

#6 in the rating "50 most strategic telecommunication companies" (INES RAS).

The maximum estimation by the “Level of Confidence to the Company” criterion within the bounds of the rating of the info communication technologies in Russia (“Expert RA”).

Project of the year

"Golosary" — a new word in providing enterprises with affordable service of creating voice greetings by professional speakers in different languages. 


The company successfully passes the phase of global reframe of its position, confirms the chosen strategy and fixes all the updates with the rebranding.


Best Intranet Russia

"Grand Prix", «Best HR-project», «Best intranet» — the Gars Telecom projects are regarded to be the best in the field of internal communications within the contest Best Intranet Russia.

Company's Licences

Gars Telecom possesses a ful set of federal-level Licenses.


Growth rates of Gars Telecom are being traditionally higher than the market average. Impressive dynamics of the company's development is a result of the strategy, including the formation of a team of highly qualified specialists. Relying on the leaders in their fields, Gars Telecom aims to be a benchmark for the quality of the Russian telecommunications market. 


#8 in the rating of Cnews Analytics "Most fast-growing telecom companies in Russia 2011".

#17 among the largest Russian carriers that managed to reach such revenue growth that could compensate for the inflation and floating currency exchange rate according to the rating "CNews Telecom 2011: The largest telecommunication companies in Russia". 

#7 in top-10 leaders in the field of telecommunication services providing according to the RAEX. 

Project of the year

«Exepto» — unprecedented opportunities of providing the customers with the last miles through an affiliate network of over 50 main units and 180+ points of presence on the territory of the Russian Federation.


#10 by the year output among the federal carriers according to ComNews.


#6 among the most fast-growing Russian carriers according to Cnews Telecom FAST.


The revenue of Gars Telecom has exceeded a billion rubles.

"Guarantor of quality and reliability"

in terms of the All-Russian award «National quality mark».

"Leader in customer service composition"

according to the ComNews Awards 2013 in a special nomination "Leader in customer service composition".

5-th place

#5 on the average revenue per enterprise user (ARPU) according to ComNews.

21-st place

#21 in the rating "CNews Telecom 2013: The largest telecommunications companies in Russia" (excluding satellite operators and mobile providers).


The corporate edition of Gars Telecom gained gold in the international contest The Spotlight Awards 2014 in the nominee "Print: Magazine/Newsletter". 

Also, the GARS magazine is among the nominees of the International Content Marketing Awards

Best sports sponsorship project

Winner of the "Sport Russia Awards" on the nomination «Best sports sponsorship project — 2014», for the taking part in charity bike run "Sport for Good" organized by the fund for children with Down syndrome DownSide Up.

Smart Mobile

Gars Telecom launches a new version of the «Smart Mobile» service based on the FMC (Fixed-Mobile Convergence) technology.

Overall results

The bank of Gars Telecom projects exceeded 8,5 million square meters


Gars Telecom has improved the previous year results and scaled to the 4th place of the raiting of RAEX "Top-10: provision of telecommunications services"

5th year in a row the company holds the 5th place in the ranking of the most strategic telecommunication companies according to the INES RAS 

Carpe Diem: Life. Business. Game.

Gars Telecom launches a series of telecasts on PRO Business TV-channel. The guests of the program are the owners of leading companies of the Russian market, and its anchor is the CEO of Gars Telecom Pavel Gorenkov.

Product of the Year


The service protecting against cyber attacks Gars TrapX. A simple and inexpensive tool that will help to feel more secure. 

Strengthening the positions in the market of the B2B segment services


PJSC MegaFon became a shareholder of Gars Telecom

History of breakthrough
Enterprise & Corporate Mobile Services
Gars Telecom offers corporate clients a unique solution on installing mobile network. The solution comprises cutting-edge infrastructural benefits of MegaFon and Gars Telecom’s best practices of individual client service.
"Mobile office"

Complete office communication in which the function of the fixed-line phones is performed by the mobile phones.

"Smart office"

Package of handy and useful telecommunication services that increase the competitiveness of your business.

Mobile and Fixed Network Convergence

Free communications within the enterprise and shortcut dialing. 

Free Calls on Short Dialing (Mobile)

Single for the subscribers of MegaFon, Beeline, MTS and Viber. 

Equipment supply, rental and maintenance

Of the world's leading manufacturers.


Premium IP-telephony for the companies with large voice traffic volume.

Multi-Channel and Virtual Landline Numbers

Including vanity and easy-to-remember numbers.

Interregional and International Telephony

High-quality local and distant calls for any size of business.

"8-800" Numbers
Free telephone line for your customers - an indispensable solution for the retail business.
Virtual PBX (IP-telephony)

Virtua — office Internet telephony on the base of IP-PBX with a rich variety of features and no costs for maintenance of the equipment.

Voice Menus (IVR) and Greetings

«Golosary» — voice greetings and telephone menus (IVR), recorded by the professional announcers. 

Mobile connection
Wi-Fi authorization via SMS
SMS2WiFi provides user authorization for public wireless networks.
Wireless internet for offices

We know how to implement a solution of any parameters in the interests of a client.

High-quality wired internet in the office

Our capabilities allow to provide any speed with consistently high quality.

IP Address Provisioning

A selection of dedicated IP addresses.

Cloud Solutions
Cloud Solutions
Software as a Service

Software As A Service = legal software with a usage charge.

Cloud Solutions
Backup as a Service: BaaS

BaaS: secure backup and storage of corporate data based on the cloud platform.

Cloud Solutions
Infrastructure as a Service: IaaS

Infrastructure As A Service = computing powers for rent and postpaid.

Networks, circuits, lines
Networks, circuits, lines

We'll combine remote offices and customers' points of presence into a single secure network.

Networks, circuits, lines
Colocation: Remote Access to the Database

Premium level colocation service on the base of one of 20+ Data processing centers. 

Networks, circuits, lines
Leased channels

Leased digital channels of the carrier capacity up to 10 Gbit/sec and more.

Consulting and Audit
Consulting and Audit
Anti-DDoS (Distributed Denial Of Service)
DDOS attacks security system of all network or single IP adress.25 000 rub.
Consulting and Audit
Сaptive operators’ business management

We rescue, create, develop the pocket telecom assets.

Consulting and Audit
Telecom budget management

"Top class" in improving the outturn from the capabilities of the enterprise's telecommunications.

Consulting and Audit
Telecom consulting

We'll set a diagnosis and find the most appropriate strategy for the development of your telecom.

Consulting and Audit
Telecom outsourcing

Relegate the management of your telecom to the outsourcing and focus on the business.